WFMW ~ keep kids toys contained



If your house has looked like a tornado has struck it with full force before 10 am, then this might work for you. My two year old is constantly taking out numerous small toys out, for example, legos, hot wheels, etc. By mid morning early morning, I am stepping on legos or hot wheels in my kitchen and I have painfully made a permament indention on the bottom of my foot with a stupid tiny lego in my shower. UGH! I went to Walmart and bought the cheapest blow up pool, blew it up, and placed it in my living room with all his legos in it. I told him he can only play with the legos in the pool. When he is finished with the legos, then he must pick them up before taking out anything else. So, now I don’t have to wear my combat boots when I’m at home.

Works for Me! Find out what works for others at Rockinmydryers.

4 responses to “WFMW ~ keep kids toys contained

  1. amyswandering

    Great idea!! I have a small pool left over from VBS.

  2. We use the “you can’t start activity #2 until you clean up activity #1” routine, but I adore the addition of the pool for helping to contain the little plastic torture devices.

  3. genius idea!

  4. Gotta love keeping those Lego in one place! When I taught kindergarten we played with Lego on a plastic tablecloth so that at cleanup time we could fold and dump all those tiny pieces back in the box.

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