I must be more attentive….

Last night, I was very exhausted from the day ~ what’s new ~ LOL! I went in my room, turned on the light, with joy, peace, and a big, “YES, I am finally alone!” I wanted to finish reading the book, Honey for a Child’s Heart. It’s a fantastic book by the way. I recommend it to anyone who has children. It’a a must read! Anyways, Doodle Bug came in and laid down next to me. Don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy us snuggling together! He started talking or rambling about bikes or something that is important to boys his age. I said nicely “Do you want to get your book?” His reply was, “No, I just want to tell you about my day.” Immediately, I was ashamed of my so selfish nature. He wanted to tell me about his day!!!!! I put the book down almost in tears, because at that point, I realized how many parents would give their right arm to discuss their child’s day just one more time. He preceded to tell me about how he just loves to jump ramps, asked me if it made me nervous when he did tricks, and also told me he learned all his tricks from a book that I purchased at an used book sale. He left about 5 minutes later, and I thanked him for sharing his day with me. The simple moments that I take for granted with my precious children from above.


2 responses to “I must be more attentive….

  1. Wow – this post brought tears to my eyes! Thank you for the perspective – I’m so guilty of not always being attentive – especially with my son. This post really hit home – thanks!

  2. amyswandering

    That is so sweet! I am really working on looking at my children while they are speaking to me instead of continuing with whatever I’m doing. I love that book too.

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