Teaching my children to spread the Word….

vbs.jpgOn numerous occasions during our morning devotion, Bruiser has asked me the question about how telling others about Jesus? He stated that he is nervous and just doesn’t know what to say. He is referring to the neighborhood kids that are not raised in a Christian environment. Being only ten, I told him to pray and the Holy Spirit would guide and give him the words to say at the specific time. This is a sticky subject for most adults, even more so for children. God answered our prayers, and we had the opportunity to pass out VBS flyers around the church building surrounding neighborhood with other church families. We had several adults, teenagers, and lots of children to help us. We all rode in the church bus, which is always a highlight to the boys. It was such a blessing to watch our children encourage others to attend the anticipating annual event that is held each summer. The boys can’t wait. Oh, did I mention that my boys almost threw up when this 60 year old woman answered the door in her panties? The boys were flabbergasted and quickly turned away. They are at that embarrassing stage, 9 and 10 years old. Of all things, she accidentally let her dog out and the boys felt obligated to help her catch her dog in her undies~ “Yikes!” ~ as the boys would say.

One response to “Teaching my children to spread the Word….

  1. How funny.
    I guess that was better than being scorned.
    My parents began with me at an early age.We went to a small Baptist Church in th French Quarter and we had an apartment above the church.
    After our Sunday afternoon nap we would get some tracks and go to the square in front of the cathedral and hand them out.
    I don’t remember very many people who turned us down.
    Afterwards we would feed the pigeons.

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