Forgive me for boasting….

I know that it is a sin to boast but I just can’t help it. Well, I won’t call it boasting but I am just a proud momma. My oldest, most creative son designed this car yesterday during quiet time from items from the garbage. He is the most creative little boy I know. He suffers from ADD ~ which he is well aware. It’s no secret. However, concentrating on his God given talents has blessed him tremendously. He is so sweet and thoughtful. I just can’t wait to see how God will use his talents in the future.












2 responses to “Forgive me for boasting….

  1. amyswandering

    He looks so proud! I think you are going to see much more of this creativity out of him as you apply the new things you are learning. Hey, does that car get good gas mileage? I might wanna trade!

  2. Awesome gas mileage. The safest car out there, too.

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