WFMW ~ teach your children for free!


I decided to dedicate a special post for my dear friend, Amy, who just wrote a special post for me last week on her blog. Amy is a web-link queen. She has a link for everything. Being the kind and thoughtful friend that she always is, she emails me all kinds of cool links to my taste. So, this one is for you, dear Amy.


This website has everything and everything that you can think of to educate your children. It is truly amazing. So, grab a cup of tea and enjoy. You will be there for a few days.

Just a few links from this site that especially caught my eye were

Holidays ,Monthly Themes, Stories for Children, American History


For me WFMW visit Rockinmydryers.


5 responses to “WFMW ~ teach your children for free!

  1. Thanks for this great site. we have been using – but this is better!

  2. amyswandering

    My heart started beating a little faster when I saw the grade level language arts sites LOL Thank You Jill!!!

  3. Great link. I’m looking for summer projects for the kids. thanks.

  4. Thanks for the link! I’m homeschooling for the first time, and I need all the resources I can find.

  5. momof2ballerinas

    Wonderful link!

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