Weekend Reflection ~ July 6-8



This weekend has flown by as usual. Where does time go?

Friday Night

The 3 oldest boys spent the night at friend’s house. My dh and the 2 youngest hung out with me and my SIL while we scapbooked. It was sooooo FUN! I haven’t cropped since before Zeke E’ Boy was born ~ he is 2 1/2. I was able to complete 7 pages. Also, I was able to catch up with my SIL.


We went to a garage sale and I got puzzles, games, and several books for the boys. I am partially attempting the unschooling thing except for math and spelling for the summer. I picked up the boys and came home and took an awesome nap. Thank you, honey, for allowing me to snooze uninterrupted! Then, my youngest angel and I went and ran some errands. My 2 year old exhausted me and I needed to get away. LOL!


We went to church, ate lunch at a mexican food restaurant, I napped with my Punky, read a book The Unschooling Handbook by Mary Griffith while Punkie was in the maya wrap snoozing. The boys were rewiring the VW and playing outside all afternoon. I enjoyed the quiet with my punkie. We had homemade waffles for dinner since we had a big lunch.


My blessings are to numerous to list but here are just a few that highlighted my weekend:

sunshine ~ Finally!

ability to teach bible study to the younger ones

our house

my family

the unusual bugs that hang out at our homestead~ cool science lessons

the ability to teach my children at home each and everyday.

the chocolate donuts that my dh bought this morning

and the best one yet ~ how I just love being a child of God!


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3 responses to “Weekend Reflection ~ July 6-8

  1. How fun is getting new toys and puzzles. You sound like you are to much fun for those boys. I love hubby’s who get the uniterupted nap!!!

    Happy week!!! YAY!! for boys

  2. Great weekend reflection, sounds like you are very blessed! Sunshine was on my list of blessings too!

  3. Sounds like a great week with lots of blessings! Have a great one this week.

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