Family Friday ~ game night



It has been raining cats and dogs here in the south for weeks now ~ it’s amazing since last year at this time we were in an extreme drought. This weekend we are going to get out the games. One game that I have been wanted to play is chicken foot. It requires dounble-nine dominoes.  I bought them at Walmart last week.

Also, a friend suggested that this game is so funny ~ Imaginiff ~ you can moderate the questions for the younger ones. So, we might have to make a trip to Walmart to make this purchase. Have a fun weekend with your family that God has blessed you with.

For more fun family ideas seek Monkeykisses.


2 responses to “Family Friday ~ game night

  1. WE have family game night too, it is so fun. Will have to check out your games.

  2. We have had a ton of rain too… Today the sun has come out and I cant wait to abuse it!!! 🙂 But games sound fun, and so does a droughtless summer.

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