I have been seriously wanting to lower my weekly grocery store visit to Walmart. My only other grocer choice in my neck of the woods is Brookshires which tends to be a bit pricier on most items. Walmart will honor all competitor ads except for buy one get one free. I came across this nifty site that tells you what products are on sale in your general area. All you do is put your zip code in and the site list all the stores and their ads. Check it out!

Budget 101.

So bring in all your ads to Walmart and save! More Money in my pocket works for me!


For more nifty ideas visit Rocks in my Dryer!



4 responses to “WFMW ~ SAVE $$$

  1. amyswandering

    That is awesome! I’m going to combine that with & hopefully cut a chunk out of my grocery bill. It’s either that or get rid of a couple of kids :o)

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  3. sincerelyanna

    Thanks!! I’m super excited about this!

  4. Thanks for the tip. I wasn’t familiar with that website.


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