Timing is everything….

Saturday when I was getting my hair cut and dyed which is a major luxury for me, not so much the cost but having anytime away from my blessed family is a major ordeal in my household, the color didn’t come out the way we antcipated. So, my sweet hairdresser wanted me to come back with all 5 boys today so she can redo it. I said “Are you joking?” My 2 year old will have this shop upside down in less then a minute. ” I said “No Way! That just won’t work…..” Those who know my sweet, bustling two year old recognize exactly what I am stressing here. LOL! She continued to encourage me to bring them all. And informed me that she is the only one here on Tuesdays. Then she asked in a nicer subtle way ~ Do you have a life other than your kids? I paused for a moment ~ I said “Nope!” Her comment was “UGHGHGHG!….” Keep in mind she wasn’t being rude or critical. She was just having empathy for my current situation. I spitted out “This is just the season in my life.” I know that someday I will have the luxury of getting my hair done at my convenience.

There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven. Ecc 3:1

This verse just spoke to my heart today. I encourage to enjoy your season that God has blessed you with today. I would love to know what season you are currently experiencing. BTW, I just love comments!!!

PS ~ My hair remains the same color!  (:


2 responses to “Timing is everything….

  1. I’m in the season of wanting to do babies again (ds’s are 8 and 6). Just have to convince DH.

  2. this is so true…thanks for sharing!

    I’m multi-staging…an almost 15yo…a tweenager…and a 6yo…

    and like justjenny…I’m wanting one more…but have to convince dh…

    blessings, mamabright 🙂

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