WFMW ~ Cereal boxes

Don’t Throw Away Your Empty Cereal Boxes!

When you need to organize your children’s books, such as coloring books or paperbacks or you want to clean up your home office from the clutter of magazines and catalogs, magazine holders are a wonderful but expensive way to sort and store them. A cheaper alternative is to take your empty cereal boxes and cut them to form the shape of a magazine holder or simply cut them to a desired height for children’s books. Let the children paint them, apply stickers or paste pictures cut out of old magazines you are going to recycle. When finished you will have a decorative way to store all those messy magazines, catalogs, and children’s books, as well as a way to entertain the children for a couple hours. Other variations include using large laundry detergent boxes and covering your boxes with fabrics and ribbons.

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