Family Friday ~ Movie Night


We watched the most fantasmo movie as a family last Sunday night. It was such an inspirational, powerful, Godly movie that I have seen in a long time. The message was awe-inspiring. I truly yearn that every movie was similiar in nature as this one, the world would be such a brighter place. This movie is about a football coach that teaches his players that God is capable of anything even the impossible. Also, he demonstrated being humble before our Lord. Giving Glory to the Lord is the main lesson here amongst many others. I have to admit the acting is somewhat poor~ to say the least. But the inspirational message out weighs any negatives. I pray that all families will view this film together who are interested in witnessing how powerful God truly is. I give God all the glory for the producers who had the guts to even consider producing such a Godly, influential film in this secular world. God is truly amazing!


Oh~ the awesome film is Facing the Giants!

It’s also based on a true story which makes the film even more vigorous!

Pop some popcorn or enjoy rootbeer floats while experiencing this astonishing movie.

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3 responses to “Family Friday ~ Movie Night

  1. My fathernlaw actually lent us this movie, but we have yet to watch …. If it is really that great then I think we’ll pop it in!

  2. Thanks for the move recommend! I love movie nights!

  3. Sounds like a really good movie for family movie night. We’ll have to check it out.

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