Riches can’t bribe death

Psalms 49:1-9

Listen to this, all you people!
Pay attention, everyone in the world!
High and low,
rich and poor-listen!
For my words are wise,
and my thoughts are filled with insight.
I listen carefully to many proverbs
and solve riddles with inspiration from a harp.

There is no need to fear when times of trouble come,
when enemies are surrounding me.
They trust in their wealth
and boast of great riches.
Yet they cannot redeem themselves from death
by paying a ransom to God.
Redemption does not come so eadily,
for no one can ever pay enough
to live forever
and never see the grave.

These verses touched my heart the other morning when I was doing my devotion. Some many times I wonder if my dh and I are making the right decisions in life. Society and the bible conflict with what is important. Is having a brand new suburban, a nicer house, designer clothes, and going on family vacations to Disney World going to make our life, as well as, the boys richer? I have to admit sometimes I do daydream about what my life would be like if I only had 2 kids and I worked full-time like I once did. I would only have stuff! All the money in the world can’t bribe God ~ So don’t place your life in riches but in God himself. I am now so much closer to God and so are my dear blessings. May you keep up on your daily walk with the Lord and not with the Jones’s.


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